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Study stays

Is it possible to integrate a language course with an abroad study stay? Yes, it is!

Studying a language in the country where it is spoken allows you to put into practice everything you’ve learned with WeSpeak and engage with natives in new situations that – although already mocked with the teacher in class – will certainly have a different psychological impact on you and it will give you the chance to further consolidate your knowledge. Our team of teachers strongly advocate study stays as an all-round didactic tool, as well as a one-of-a-kind full immersion in the foreign language.

Learning a language among natives is a whole different story. Learning doesn’t only occur within the classroom, but it continuous outside of its walls: you’ll learn through the friends you’ll make, the places you’ll visit, the parties you’ll join, the food you’ll taste.

We have selected the best schools for your best experience.

Who better than your language teacher can help you do all this?

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