One-to-one or semi-private courses

Wespeak’s hour-packages are applicable to both one-to-one or semi-private courses. These two course formats feature different characteristics, in line with different needs and objectives:

  • One-to-one courses consist of individual lessons that are held at our schools or online, upon request. This format suits especially those who need to reach a specific objective by following their own learning pace and style, working on their own strengths and weaknesses in a highly personalized and targeted way. The teacher’s attention is all focussed on the individual client, who can make full use of the hours he/she has purchased.
  • Semi-private courses (in small groups) offer the chance to take a course together with a friend, some schoolmates or colleagues that share the same passion or interest towards a foreign language. The key factor for the course’s success is that the participants fit a similar profile, meaning they are at the same level of language knowledge and that they are willing to work together towards the achievement of the same objectives. Among the advantages of this course format we can number a lower individual fee, the chance to work with someone you are confident – hence making the lesson even more interactive – and the opportunity to avoid the fear of speaking a foreign language in front of strangers.

Both formats feature the same flexibility in choice of dates and times, and the chance to rearrange a lesson that cannot be attended.

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