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Business english course

Our business english courses aim to improve your language skills and to enrich the vocabulary concerning your field.These English courses are especially meant for companies that need to train their employees to reach a medium to advanced level of proficiency. Of course, our English lessons are also available for children and adults willing to face a new challenge.

Based on a test evaluating your current level of language proficiency, we’ll organize tailor-made english classes and form homogeneous groups in order to reach excellent results quickly.

These courses will focus on those language skills typically needed in the workplace. Upon request, we can add specific vocabulary lessons concerning the company’s core activity. Besides the basic English lessons, you’ll face typical situations such as:

  • Socialising

Improve your capacity to socialize and to build professional relationships more efficiently and confidently.

  • E-mailing

Upgrade your emailing abilities and develop your writing skills.

  • Telephoning

Enhance your phoning abilities and learn how to master telephone conversations to be more efficient at your job.

  • Negotiating

Boost your negotiation abilities with key linguistic strategies and reach your goals effortlessly.

Also in this case, our teachers will be willing to hold their English courses directly at the firm or at WeSpeak, your language school in Lugano. For more information do not hesitate to contact us!