Courses for Under-18s

Nowadays, knowing a foreign language serves as an international passport: taking up a new language at a young age is a way to discover different cultures as well as create one’s basis for a sound future. In a multilingual country like Switzerland, mastering the federal languages is the key to integration and mobility on the territory.

In our courses for children and teens, we create study programs/syllabuses for first-time learners as well as youngsters who want to improve the language or – why not? – getting their proficiency level certified with a Delf, Goethe, Dele or Cambridge qualification. The teaching method slightly varies according to the student’s age and objectives to reach; whatever the case, our team of teachers strongly believes that learning a language at a young age involves strengthening the grammar fundamentals, without overlooking communication aspects and the very joy of being able to express oneself in a second or third language.

Our courses for teens (11+ yo) are designed to stimulate a taste for the language through engaging themes that are relatable to everyday life. Classes are dynamic and imply the use of manifold teaching material (such as videos, songs, comics, etc.); the students soon realize that foreign languages are not just compulsory school subjects, but also – and especially – the key to discover the world and open up new horizons.

Our courses for children (8-11 yo) are specifically designed to follow the child’s cognitive development. The learning style during childhood is spontaneous and based on sensory and physical stimuli. For this reason, our courses for children are widely based on the TPR (Total Physical Response) method, in which the knowledge transfer is activated by the combination of language and physical actions/movement.

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“Behaviour is like a foreign language: if it is learnt as an adult, it gives away/discloses an accent.”
(Mario Laganà)

One-to-one/semi-private courses

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Group courses

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