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Language courses for teens

WeSpeak offers several language courses for teens, in addition to those for adults, children and companies.

From high school onwards, studying gets harder and more demanding. This is why we think it’s paramount to help teens along their path: it involves their present as well as their future.

A French course in Lugano, but also those in English, German, Spanish and modern Greek, are held both for beginners and advanced students. It’s fundamental to establish a learning plan for each learner, since each of them has individual needs. We create a study plan for beginners who need to learn languages from scratch, as well as for teens who want to extend their existing knowledge through conversation classes and more.

Our tutoring classes in foreign languages will be an extra help for the students’ learning process: the integration of additional, weekly lessons will enable the student to follow their school program in a much more confident and scaffolded way.

Private lessons

They are aimed at middle and high school students who have…

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Group courses

They are aimed at all those who want to deepen and consolidate…

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Language tutoring

Repeats and support for the study are the best solution that WeSpeak, as a language school, can offer middle and high school students, especially those who have difficulty adjusting to the increasingly pressing rhythms of the year Encounter during…

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French course in Lugano and so much more

Taking up a French course in Lugano can be very useful especially for those who live and/or work in Switzerland: French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the Confederation and is also the easiest national language to learn: a couple of months of lessons will be enough for the student to ace the next exam, to make up for a failed one or to be ready for a stay abroad.

French is also highly appreciated in today’s working environments. Whether or not youngsters have already made up their minds about what they want to do in the future, knowing such an important language in the Swiss reality will help them along their path.

This language might seem rather difficult and tricky at first, but a few lessons will be enough for the student to notice how WeSpeak’s teachers, part of a highly selected staff, are able to convey key knowledge in a straightforward and effective way.

French courses are just one option among other language courses, such as English, German, Spanish and modern Greek. WeSpeak does not only offer private and group courses, but also tutoring classes for youngsters who need a little help in a specific subject other than languages.