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Prepare for English and French qualifications

The preparation to Cambridge and DELF exams is a fundamental step to flesh out your CV. Multinational companies and governments rely on these qualifications in order to gauge the candidates’ level of language proficiency. Being prepared to take these exams is paramount and must be done in the best way possible.
At first glance, Cambridge and DELF exams might look easy, because English and French are fairly easy to learn compared to other languages. However, the focal point of these exams lies in being versatile: whether it be English or French, examiners want to make sure of your level of proficiency in all language skills, namely listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking. Not reaching the passing mark in one of these areas might cause you to fail. Don’t think of it as an excessively strict rule, but try to focus on the usefulness of such qualifications: once you have gained them, no one will doubt about your language skills.

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Our French and English courses will allow you to strengthen your skills in the most important areas of Cambridge and DELF qualifications. Moreover, these will let your prospective employers be sure of your language proficiency without testing you any further. In case you want to apply to University, these qualifications will allow you to skip certain exams depending on the type of qualification you have earned.
Our team will be happy to walk you through this learning path. Our teachers will lay out your study program targeted at the English and French qualification exams and will train you in the best way to reach your goals.