Online Classes

If it’s not convenient for you to come to our schools, there’s no need to worry.

Wespeak offers the possibility to hold a whole course or just part of it conveniently online, from the comfort of your home or office. Everything you need is a computer – or tablet – and a stable Internet connection. To hold our lessons online, we use a sophisticated video-conferencing platform which allows us to keep the same high standards of a classroom-based lesson.

How is it done? First of all, the student will receive all the necessary instructions and support to log into the platform; after that, he/she will be able to see, hear and communicate with the teacher through microphone and webcam. The teacher will handle the video-conference, deciding when and what to show the student: pictures, documents of various formats, videos and audio files, which have been previously uploaded and are ready to be used.

Instead of the whiteboard, the teacher will use a specific window equipped with tools to write, highlight text, point with arrows, etc., which the student will see and follow in real time.

Tailor made classes

Our Tailor made classes are designed for those with special needs…

Standard courses

Our standard language courses are aimed at those who…