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German courses for Companies in Lugano

Language courses for companies are very important, especially to train employees and empower them to give their best in the workplace.

WeSpeak offers several different courses of business English as well as German, French and Spanish courses in Lugano, which aim to enhance communication skills in the language of choice, both in speaking and written production.

German lessons, for instance, are very useful to work and communicate with the Swiss-German speaking part of the country. The knowledge of the country’s official languages is usually a stated requirement for positions in both private and public sectors. This is why it’s so important to invest, also as a company, in a german course: it can only improve the performance of your company. By attending our lessons in Lugano you’ll develop new skills that will enrich your CV. Contact us and we’ll be happy to offer you a free trial lesson.

Not sure about German? As an alternative you can start an English or French course to understand which one is most appealing to you. Discover more about our offers by phoning or emailing us, or by simply dropping in for a cup of coffee: we’ll be happy to talk you through our offer and what we can achieve together!

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Learn business german, french and english

In a country like Switzerland, where people can speak up to five languages, it is fundamental to master one foreign language at the very least. As far as your professional career is concerned, courses of business english are certainly the most important, since english is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In fact, the English language is asked as a requirement for virtually all job applications. Thanks to our lessons, you will be able to fill any gap in your knowledge of English in just a few months.

The second piece of advice we want to give you is: come and find out about our German courses here in Lugano. German lessons are fundamental for those who want to expand their business in Switzerland, since it’s probably the most valued language in the country. At first it may seem a challenging goal, which requires a lot of energy and drive to learn. But what WeSpeak can offer you is highly personalized german lessons with a qualified teacher who will support you in every step and make the process as smooth as possible.

We also offer french and spanish business courses. According to your wishes and needs, the teacher can either hold lessons at your company or your employees can come to us and attend one-on-one or group lessons.

Investing in your training means investing in your future. Companies know the importance of languages in the business sector and that’s the reason why they choose our German and other language courses for their employees as well as their executives.

Attend German, French or Spanish lessons and boost your career or company performance.

It goes without saying that all our courses are available also for children and adults.

To know more, please contact WeSpeak, your language school in Lugano!