School tutoring

From our work with teenagers from local schools it has emerged that, more often than not, gaps in knowledge highlighted by a bad mark do not actually derive from a temporary difficulty, but rather from a lasting, unsuccessful learning process. By properly tutoring teenagers, they will be able to face their following school years with a sound base to work on with less effort. Our job does not just imply supervising them during their after-school work, but also methodically and carefully detecting where a specific gap in knowledge lies and then filling it, hence turning the students into the independent learners they can be.

We have created two different approaches:

  • The typical after-school tutoring program, in which the teacher supervises/tutors the student throughout the school year, making sure that there are no gaps in knowledge, assisting them with their homework and helping them develop a proper learning method, when necessary.
  • Tailor-made lessons, in case the student needs to work more in depth on a subject, which calls for a personalized, objective-oriented lesson planning and material preparation phase.

Wespeak also offers specialized programs designed for children and teenagers with Specific Learning Difficulties: the courses provide targeted didactic support and help students learn in the most effective way possible to become independent not only in their studies but also in any activity they might take up in the future. Particular attention is paid to the acquisition of proper study method and practice, essential tools for the organization and planning of learning, both at school and at home: establishing a learning timetable, setting a list of priorities among the subjects to study first, etc.


English, French, German, Grammar, History, Geography, Sciences.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
_ Albert Einstein

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