Italian for speakers of other languages

Welcome to our section dedicated to the Italian language. For those who live, work or are simply spending a holiday in an Italian speaking region, we have the ideal course for learning or improving their Italian. Our aim is to enable the students to understand and interact with the reality around them from the very first lessons.

The teaching program is tightly linked to the participants’ concrete objectives, and the lessons constantly aim at establishing a bridge between the knowledge acquired in class and its application in real life. Wherever you come from in the world and whatever your native language, Wespeak shares a common objective with you: speaking Italian!

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CILS Workplace
CELI University
PLIDA Tourists

“Non so se posso bene spiegarmi nella vostra… nostra lingua italiana. Se mi sbaglio, mi corrigerete.”
– Papa Giovanni Paolo II

One-to-one/semi-private courses

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