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Language courses: German, French and English for children

Our language courses for children are based on learning through play, a fundamental experience for the younger ones. The path we thought for them encompasses various fun and educational activities such as reading stories, understanding songs and some small interpretations of fantastic characters.
It is well known and true that when you are younger it is much easier to absorb information that will remain imprinted in your mind. Attending an English language course or foreign language courses in general helps them learn from the earliest age. For example, the French for children is easy: thanks to some of our mother tongue teachers, children will learn the language as if they were in France!

Fun is the basis of every activity for the youngest, so We Speak has studied and completed a French, English, German and Spanish course that was simple and light but at the same time educational and functional. Thanks to the teaching material, English grammar for children will be easy to learn, as well as French, Spanish and German.

Group courses

This course is designed to introduce students from 8 to 12 years of age…

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Private lessons

They are aimed at students aged between 8 and 12 who are…

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Summer course

These courses for children are designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12, with the main purpose of providing the most important knowledge of english and german, french and spanish. Being summertime, fun will be the basis of language lessons! An atmosphere full of…

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German, English and French for children

Late primary school is likely to be just as good as early childhood when it comes to learning a second language. Being confident in a foreign language can give your child an edge at school and in future career opportunities.
Our experienced teachers know how to lead their young students on a unique learning adventure, with fun, specific and individualized pedagogical methods as well as all the patience the young learners may need.

During the summer break, Wespeak organizes tailored courses aimed at entertaining the children for a few hours a day, while making the best of the learning experience.

Learn more about our courses for children! We offer private and group lessons depending on your needs.