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2-week-long IELTS preparation

2-week-long IELTS preparation Aiming at an IELTS certificate? With this amazing program you'll have the opportunity to [...]

Study stays offers

Study stays offers If you want to keep up to date with our offers, like our [...]

Why with us

Why with us We're onboard! WeSpeak is your newest representative for all that concerns language stays abroad. [...]

WeSpeak as consultant

WeSpeak as consultant I chose you because I felt I would be treated as family, and I [...]

WeSpeak as agent

WeSpeak as agent If you are thinking of undertaking an experience abroad but you have no idea [...]


Accommodation Schools provide students with different types of accommodation. Homestay is often the cheapest solution and allows [...]

Study stays

Study and sport For sports lovers, we offer a language stay where you can play football and... [...]