Tailor made classes

Our tailor made classes are thought for those who have particular language or school needs: people who have to prepare for a language qualification, who need to acquire sector-based language and terminology (in economics, medicine, IT, banking, etc.), middle and high-school students who need a personalized tutorship program or any kind of program requiring a more detailed work by the teacher outside the sessions with the client. The latter might be given booklets – included in the price – that are designed for the specific course (however, the purchase of a textbook might still be required).

This type of advanced course is structured in hour packages and maintains the same flexibility features of a one-to-one course, namely the possibility to schedule lessons on the basis of the client’s availability and to rearrange them by giving a 24-hour notice. This is our proposal for your needs:

  • Sector-specific language: acquisition and enhancement of terminology related to a specific sector.
  • Personalized revision and further study of the school program/syllabus: activities aiming at enhancing writing and listening skills as well as speaking, in order to fill in any knowledge gaps before the beginning of the new school year or before an upcoming make-up exam.
  • Preparation for official language knowledge qualifications, school-leaving exams or entrance exams when changing institution or study program.
  • Conversation courses with integrated grammar: revision of key grammar aspects, chosen on the basis of the student’s needs and level; everyday or specific themes are covered in form of role play, reading of short texts and articles, watching videos, etc. The aim is to enrich the student’s vocabulary and gain fluency in both listening and speaking.
  • Preparation to school-leaving exams in the foreign languages and, upon request, in other subjects. In these situations the student benefits from the complete personalization of the course, obtaining high-level tuition.

One-to-one/semi-private courses

These types of courses have distinct characteristics, in line…

Online classes

It is possible to organize the course completely via internet…