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Advanced courses – training programs

Our training programs are aimed at those who have particular demands concerning a foreign language, such as preparing for a qualification exam, acquiring key terminology in a particular field (economy, medicine, IT, etc.). Our training programs are the course of choice in all those learning programs that require more detailed research and lesson planning on the part of the teacher.

The student might be given material pamphlets prepared for the chosen program, which are included in the price of the package. However, a textbook is still needed in most cases.
This kind of course has been designed also for those who need to acquire, strengthen and master specific language skills, such as writing texts, conversation, listening and reading comprehension, in addition to revising key grammar aspects that have not been fully understood.

Training programs also include advanced packages that help acquire specific skills needed in the job market, among which:

  • Ideal job application, to prepare for job applications in a foreign language.
  • Academic writing, to acquire style and language skills needed to produce academic style texts.
  • Translation theory and practice, to acquire basic knowledge and key theoretical concepts that are essential to translate effectively.
  • Sector-specific language and terminology, to acquire vocabulary and improve skills related to a specific sector.

In all these situations, the student benefits from the complete customization of the course and high-level preparation.

As far as school is concerned, training programs are to be chosen in case a student is about to change course of studies and has to prepare for an entry exam, or when he/she has to prepare for his/her school leaving exams.