Courses for Adults

Continuing education is considered as a process in which adults develop their attitudes, enrich their knowledge, improve their technical or professional qualifications, all with a view to personal growth and contributing to the socio-economical and cultural development of their community.
There are several reasons in favour of learning a new language as an adult:

  • travelling
  • becoming more qualified professionally
  • pleasure
  • becoming integrated in a community

Knowing a foreign language enables people to express themselves freely as well as travel everywhere. A language course allows you to stay near home while expanding your horizons more than you thought was possible.
Wespeak’s language courses for adults are available for all proficiency levels – from beginners to advanced speakers – and can be held one-on-one or in groups. The teaching method adopted by our teachers takes into account the student’s individual motivation, objectives and learning speed, in order to obtain the highest and most relevant results.
For all specific needs – such as preparing for language qualifications, language for specific purposes, academic writing, translation theory and practice, preparing for a job application – our dedicated Training Programs are highly recommended.
If you already have a decent language knowledge and you want to improve your fluency, Wespeak’s conversation courses are the way to go: you will learn how to be more fluent while speaking in the foreign language, broaden your vocabulary and simulate real conversational situations.
In our spectrum of courses, from standard to training programs, you will certainly find the solution that best suits your needs.

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“Monolingualism is a curable condition”
– A. Mollica

One-to-one/semi-private courses

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