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English and other language courses for adults in Lugano

Attending an english or any other language course is fundamental to be really independent.

First of all, knowing a foreign language will enable you to express yourself freely everywhere. Secondly, it’s very important for one’s career prospects and employability. Accepting such a challenge at an English school in Lugano will give you the chance to stay near home while expanding your horizons more than you thought was possible.

There are several reasons for studying german or taking up english or french classes, first of which is Switzerland itself. German and French are the two most spoken national languages, and knowing them means you can expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

Are you asking yourself why you should learn English in Lugano? Because English is the easiest and most widely spoken language all over the world! Thanks to our english, german and french courses in Lugano and to our teachers, your path will be smooth, easy and successful.

Private lessons

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Conversation classes

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Extensive courses for adults

Our language courses for adults are organized in small groups of three to…

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Intensive courses for adults

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English and other language courses for adults in Lugano

WeSpeak offers language courses divided between beginners and people wishing to enhance their language proficiency.

As mentioned before, all our language courses can be either one-on-one or in groups. For those, instead, who would like to learn the basics of a language fairly quickly, we offer intensive courses, thanks to which you’ll learn English, French, German or Spanish rapidly and fluently. Being intensive, more effort and dedication will be required for this kind of course.

Attending our English classes in Lugano has no age limit! You haven’t had the chance to study until now? You’re still in time. In fact, learning as an adult is an even more conscious act, and attending an english, german or french course at an older age means having great willpower, which will be rewarded by the results accomplished.

Don’t forget that conversation courses are also available, and they will certainly help you improve your oral skills, whether it be for work or for personal interests. In conclusion, with our courses you’ll reach the confidence and proficiency in the language that you have always wanted.

Don’t make up excuses, take some time for yourself and for your education. Taking up classes in English or any other language is one of the most profitable choices you can make for yourself, both for working or personal reasons.

Contact us to know more or come visit us at WeSpeak, your language school in Lugano.